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UEC IT has released a very useful tool which allows key management personnel to keep their hands on the pulse of their operation by viewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a real time basis.  This tool called CFS for Comprehensive Facility Status, was originally developed as a complement to UEC's ERP systems but it was soon realized this application is just as viable on any standard database whether or not the customer even utilizes an ERP system.  If your database contains the information, CFS can track, monitor and display it in an effective, meaningful format.  Aditionally, CFS gives the User a heads up alert when action needs to be taken to avoid an undesirable outcome.

The User has the ability to track up to eight separate KPIs of their choosing on one easy to understand home page.  Alert thresholds can be set for each KPI which will prompt the User to delve further into the details and trending data which are displayed by clicking on the KPI.  The CFS home page can incorporate in-plant video feeds and can also be User configured for personal links.

Below is an example of how CFS could help you control critical KPIs . . .

One of management's concerns has been the inability for the facility to maintain a production rate of 3,000 units per month.  Traditionally, management is not made aware until the end of the month of problems on the line that prevented reaching the 3,000 unit goal.  Therefore, production status has been chosen as one of the KPI's tracked by CFS.  2,900 units per month has been chosen as managemnt's alert trigger on CFS.  The CFS home page will display the production requirement of 3,000 units, the alert level of 2,900 units, and a real-time production rate based on monthly production to-date, extrapolated into a monthly total.  When the extrapolated monthly production falls below 2,900 units the KPI is lit up as a warning.  By clicking on the production KPI the User will be taken to production trending graphs, and production to date for the year, quarter, month, week, along with additional selected details such as downtime records.  The CFS alert along with the historical data will provide the User enough information to contact the Production Manager and work out a corrective plan of action.

Other examples of selected KPIs could be claims, active inventory, scrap, forecast vs. production, downtime, raw material consumption, etc.

CFS does not require any special hardware or software to implement and is priced to make it attractive to smaller and medium sized companies.  CFS can easily and inexpensively be customized to your specific needs.

Key Capabilities and Features:
Facility Status on a Continuous Real Time Basis
Easy To Read Graphs, Charts, Rulers & Gauges
Monitor up to Eight KPI's
Visual Alerts when Action is Required
User Configured Personal Links
In Plant Video Feeds

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